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L.Rickert Design is a full-service interior design firm assisting clients with both renovations and new construction projects in the residential and hospitality/commercial industries.


L.Rickert Design offers scalable services to fit the needs and budget of individual projects. Where possible, Lisa prefers being involved in the architectural plan review and development phase to ensure that the interior design is not an afterthought. Most importantly, Lisa spends time with each client to understand the visual mood and style they desire for the space before bringing it to life through a selection of furniture, accessories, textiles, and custom pieces tailor-made for each project. The selection of architectural elements, fixtures, and finishes will be sourced and coordinated according to construction timelines.


In connection with her furniture brand, AVE, Lisa can design multi-room programs for furniture and casework, manufactured to exact product specifications, all with durable, bespoke finishes and impeccable style.  

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